Ooops! (or Hoppsan, as we say in swedish)

Now something’s gone wrong! Why did I end up on this page? The most usual reasons are:

  • you’re visiting a page that’s hosted by us but haven’t been enabled yet
  • misconfigured DNS; you have hosting with us but have entered the wrong IP for your domains A record
  • your account has been disabled due to for example unpaid bills
  • the owner for the domain you visited is no longer a customer with us and has not changed his/hers domain records
  • you’ve tried to access one of our servers via it’s IP-address

If you still believe the fault lies with us, you’re free to call us at: 0046 243 24 95 00 or use the contactform to the left! For operating status and information about eventual service disrupts you can visit

/ Dalnix AB