The pride of a consultant

On occasion I browse through the group ‘Advanced WordPress’ on Facebook. It is as you probably can guess a group where we discuss WordPress. On occasion the discussions are good. The other day a developer told us he’d been hired to build a solution for deploying many sites. And one of the replies was:

“Let me get this straight. A company hires a developer to create a solution that will avoid them having to hire a developer? Hmmm. If it were me, I’d be creating a solution that requires a LOT of ongoing maintenance “

I was flabbergasted. Is this what consultancy means to other consultants and bureaus?

And I had to step back and look upon the work my firm delivers to our customers and I realise we are as far from that as possible.

As consultants we get hired to solve problems. Sometimes it is developing a web page. Sometimes it’s about automating tasks. Sometimes it is about building flexible solutions to accommodate for the lack of technical experience.

And no matter what the task we build it.

We build it with competence.

We build it with pride.

And damn sure we build it so our customer is happy with our delivery.

 Because happy customers are customers who tend to come back. Happy customers spread the word.

And as a developer and consultant, pleasing the customer is what comes first. For in the long run, that will provide more business.


Skrivet av: Olle Gustafsson